School Status


Mrs. Bordelon - Director of Bands

Ms. Sanchez - Assistant Director of Bands

Mr. Carr - Percussion Director of WAMS/GPHS

Google Classroom

Please make sure your child is in the right google classroom. Use the codes below to sign up for the google classroom if you are not already enrolled:

7th/8th Grade Codes

WAMS Wind Ensemble- kwu7y24

WAMS Symphonic Band- zf7gion

WAMS Concert Band- tqckczr

WAMS Instrumental Ensemble - ztcgxd4

6th Grade Codes

WAMS Beginner Woodwinds- yd3ii2p

(Flute, Oboe, Saxophone)

WAMS Beginner Clarinet- xv4jaxq

WAMS Beginner Percussion- 5g6bnut

WAMS Beginner Trumpet- ztgi32y

WAMS Beginner French Horn- gclialz

WAMS Beginner Trombone- dngpql6

WAMS Beginner Euph/Tuba- wkx5uqj